Looking Back

September 28, 2017
Image description
An undated image of Beallsville Presbyterian Church.
Image description
Speers Methodist Church in Charleroi is pictured on April 21, but the year is unknown.
Image description
Photo courtesy of Donora Historical Society
Members of a black Boy Scout troop are shown with their leader circa 1940 outside First Baptist Church at Fourth Street and Allen Avenue in Donora.

In the archives at the Observer Reporter is a very large folder labeled “Churches.” Unfortunately, that’s almost all the information there is to go on. Many are undated and unlabeled, the only clues being the signs in the photos or a scribble of pencil on the back (as was the case with the Beallsville image). A search in our digital archives turned up the Donora Historical Society image. It’s likely that we do have more images of churches in the Mon Valley. If we can verify them, we will certainly run them in a future issue.



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